Diamonds – A Friend Forever – Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings actually denote that the person who is wearing it is engaged to be married to someone. This tradition of exchanging rings was first followed in the Western countries and later on it spread everywhere. Now it has become a fashion to exchange rings during engagement as the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be prefer it to be this way. After all it is their very special day towards a new beginning of a life time between the two of them.

Diamond rings:

There are many types of rings and of them all, the most popular and costlier ring is the diamond engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings are a traditional choice of engagement rings as they are considered divine.

Reasons for the popularity of the diamond:

But why and how is it that the diamond ring is so popular? There are many reasons for their   popularity, they are

  • The diamonds never lose their polish.
  • They are the hardest material and so are ideal as a gemstone for engagement rings.
  • Nothing will happen to them with scratching, the only thing which will scratch the diamond is another diamond.
  • As these rings are worn every day, if the ring is of a different color, it may not go well with all the clothes, whereas diamond being white in color matches with all the dress worn by the bride.
  • More than all, it is a prestige issue to wear a diamond ring as the engagement ring.

Important point to remember before buying a diamond ring:

But before buying the ring, it is always wise enough to check for the warranty card and the authenticity certificate. Since the ring is a very expensive one it is better to insure the ring in case of theft or loss due to any other reason as it is going to be a very precious one for lifelong to the wife to be.

Types of metals:

Now to the metal, the diamond ring can be made of either white gold, platinum or yellow gold. These days platinum diamond engagement ring is very popular and it even comes as a twin set with the similar design, one for the bride groom and the other for the bride. But all three metals are very much durable and ideal for any type of jewelry.


Thus we can conclude that there is nothing more precious and auspicious than the diamond engagement ring as it is going to be preserved as the most special gift a girl could have ever received.

Traditional Presents For 1st and 25th Anniversary

traditional presents

Offering your better half a symbolic gift for each of your wedding anniversary is actually a tradition and it date backs to the early 1800s. For each year of marriage, there is an equivalent symbolic gift. These gifts symbolize the solidification of a marital relationship and celebrate and rejuvenate the couple’s vows, love, and commitment. Here are the most celebrated milestones in a marriage relationship and the corresponding traditional presents for those who want to commemorate their enduring love story in a traditional way.

First wedding anniversary

The traditional first wedding anniversary gift material is paper. Paper signifies ideas and commitment. You have to be imaginative when giving your spouse a paper gift. Do not limit yourself instead search for paper products that might be significant to your husband. Try to be creative and try to do it yourself before. The candidate for paper presents is a printed itinerary for a trip together abroad. You can substitute this with plain tickets or a map of your travel destination. If you will just think outside the box, there are a lot of great paper presents aside from new stationary. Since paper is made from trees, you can also grow a plant in your garden together. You can pick new books for your spouse or make a scrap book together. However, nothing beats a handwritten letter for being the best paper present ever.

Silver anniversary

Another occasion that most couples celebrate is their silver or 25th anniversary. The traditional gift for spouses who are married for 25 years is silver. Silver symbolizes harmony which all couple should achieve to sustain a marriage relationship and make it last for a very long time. Most silver wedding anniversary gifts that husbands usually get for their wife are silver jewelries like necklace and earrings. For most wives, the best silver gift for their husband is watches or silver plated tools like Swiss knives.

Various Gift Wrapping Techniques for Different Occasions

gift wrapping

Giving gifts to the people you love can’t be as easy as just giving it to them. Being able to offer could be tough especially if the person you are giving it to is very special to you. For that reason, there are different gift wrapping techniques you might want to know and try. Some people are having difficulty in wrapping presents. So here are some techniques you should check out.


Baskets are good examples in wrapping a present since it comes in a variety of sizes. You can design it to look attractive. Further, the person who will receive this will be grateful because he can use it again in a different purpose by recycling it.


You can use mason jars to pack homemade cookies, candies or condiments. You can also style it with ribbons and laces or a piece of cloth.

Photo boxes

You can simply put your gift in a box would also be a good way of wrapping your gift. There are different colors you can select. It also comes in different patterns and sizes.


This can be a good wrapping method for gifts like money, or cards. You can design it with a lace and hang it on a tree.


There are different papers used in your home in which can be helpful to you especially if you don’t have enough money to buy a gift wrap. You can use newspapers, posters, comics, or maps as an alternative. You just need to be creative enough to make it look presentable.

Art and Craftsmanship in Accessories

Art and Craftsmanship

When you talk about Thai jewellery from the prehistoric periods until during the times of the Rattanakosin era, these works of arts are actually created already for humans. But if you think about it, it is not just created for craftsmanship nor decorations. According to research and archeological and anthropological evidences, it was already known that jewellery is one of the very first ways that men is presenting on order to enhance beauty and build relationships with the community and the surroundings as well. One of the purposes that they use jewellery for is to worship the sacred souls of nature and itself by actually using the body to actually drive the internal context.

The history of the thai jewellery begun during the 50000-1700 years ago, Their necklaces and bracelets were made of shells and bones that are discovered in the graves of both men and women. The jewellery is actually often buried with the dead. The cultural anthropologists have pointed that people during those days have really believed that death might be a form of life continuum which is the same to the Brahmans which is a religion that is founded after Buddhism. Buddhists always believe that the souls of the dead will be reborn. They believed that the jewels will continue to serve their masters up to the next life, wherever their fate may bring them. Men reshapes the jewels through heat and crafts, uncap, and are chosen by the wearer up to their death and be carried up to the next life.